G&G Dynamiclair Body Cream Jar (500 ml/16.9 fl.oz)

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Lightening Beauty Cream with FRUITS ACIDS for all skins types with sun rays filters. Beauty care formula for the face and body. "G&G DYNAMICLAIR" crème with sun rays filters lightens the skin and reduces brown spots. Composed with active ingredients A.H.A and bearberry extracts it removes dead skin and over-pigmented cells of the epidermis. Provides an uniform all-over colour. Apply morning and evening for few weeks to obtain first results.

How to use it: Apply it morning and evening over a few weeks for a perfectly fair complexion. Avoid any contact with the eyes. In case of reaction, discontinue usage. Do not use over children under 12 years.

Weight: 500 ml / 16.8 fl.oz


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